Halloween Weekend! Aug. 3-5th

Will you be camping with us next weekend, August 3-5th?

If so…..Things have changed a bit for this year so I wanted everyone to “Be-AWARE”.
We are still having the Site Decorating Contest. Judging will be Saturday. Sites to be judged must be completed by 6:00pm.
Costume Judging will take place in the Rec Hall at 6:00pm. Age groups are: 0-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-Adult & Best Group. Participants will walk through the Rec Hall to the judges, give their name, age & site #. Then continue out of the Rec Hall & begin Trick or Treating all around the Campground. After Trick or Treating is done, we will be having a Halloween Party in the Rec Hall with movies & a few games. After the younger children (ages 12+ under) have had their fun, we will put on a scary movie for anyone ages 13+.
Any questions see or message Heidi 🙂


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